Can religion make you happier?

How four religions shape up against the five happiness muscles.

But the only group an ego can belong to is a group ego.

Muscle 1: Honesty

Muscle 2: Kindness

If religious groups were people, they would be schizophrenic.

Muscle 3: Curiosity (and tolerance)

Muscle 4: Awareness

Muscle 5: Courage and Creativity


Using senses — — feeling — — is literally the most sensible (meaning of the senses) way to feel alive and connect to our soul, spirit and others. When religions can do that they will help us live happier lives.

If choosing a religion were mandatory, I’d be Jewish to write and Hindu to wonder, but thank God, it’s not.

Bestselling author of The Happiness Animal. Has spent the last five years researching the psychology of happiness.

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